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The Real Advantage Of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine

The real advantage of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine

As a widely used cutting industrial equipment, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine has been recognized by more and more people. As an important industrial equipment for guiding industrial development, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine plays an important role in all related industries.

Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine, plasma cutting has a wide cutting area, cutting all metal pipes, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed up to 10m/min. Using fine plasma cutting has made close to the level of laser cutting, cutting quality of the current with the mature of high power plasma cutting technology, cutting thickness has more than 100 mm, widened the curve CNC plasma cutting machine cutting range.

Mini Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine on the cutting way can have flame cutting and plasma cutting two kinds, flame cutting rapid processing fine cutting machine is mainly used in sheet metal equipment, used for iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, white steel plate, sheet metal cutting machine. Portable CNC plasma cutting machine with high quality, high precision, strong operability and other basic features, both in the laser cutting to match the cutting precision and more than laser cutting machine price advantage. Therefore widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, petrochemical equipment, light machinery, aerospace, decoration, large signs manufacturing pressure vessel and all walks of life, suitable for carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel and copper, aluminum, plasma cutting sheet metal cutting and cutting operations.

Light Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine has covered light cantilever type cutting machine, light table cutting machine and light gantry cutting machine models, have been effective cutting width at first demand. Light Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine, because both heavy duty nc metal digital control functions of automatic cutting machine, and has the advantages of lightweight, economy can fully replace semi-automatic cutting machine, a large number of replace manual cutting machine, and can replace the traditional small heavy Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine, application scope is widespread, especially suitable for the vast number of small and medium-sized micro processing enterprise, has the very good market prospect. My company's light Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine is growing rapidly every year.

The cut is vertical

CNC plasma cutting machine is different from the v-shaped cut surface caused by the plasma arc, nc flame cutting machine cutting surface, noting that the generally high verticality Angle can be controlled below 2-3 °, is for more than 10 mm with a certain thickness of the plate cutting, performance is better.

Our automatic CNC metal cutting machine industry layout further proliferation, formed the bohai sea and the Yangtze river delta as the core, the central and western regions under the support of national policy development is extremely fast. From the cycle of CNC cutting products, companies in China the demand for high-end Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine will continue to increase, old-fashioned cutting opportunities have been eliminated, the Midwest will become China's Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine industry's fastest-growing region, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine pattern in our country will further proliferation.

1. Weekly maintenance and maintenance:

2. Every week, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned, horizontal, longitudinal guide, transmission gear rack cleaning, and lubricating oil. 3. Check whether the horizontal friction rail is working properly and replace it in time.

4. Check whether all the cutting torch is loose, clean up the garbage of the firing gun and keep the ignition normal.

5. If there is an automatic height adjustment device, detect the sensitive and whether to replace the probe.

6. Check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode are damaged or whether the cutting nozzle and electrode should be replaced.

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