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The Fourteenth Triennial National Metal Spinning Academic Forum In Huizhou China, On Dec 14-16

The fourteenth triennial national metal spinning academic forum ended in Huizhou, China, on Dec 16. Compare with the past , the attendees , thesises and  attending entities have reached an unprecedented quantity. There were 59 entities including companies, institutes and universitis attended this forum with 117 attendees.  And 59 thesises were made public in the forum. 

As the co-orgnizer of this event, Proper CNC machine sponsored and attended the forum. The warm-harted and thoughtful service we offered  got highly praised by the leaders and other attendees of the forum.

On the morning Dec 15, all attendees gathered in a conference and all experts gave warm speeches ; in the afternoon, everybody went to Prosper company, visiting the metal spinning experience hall , metal spinning show. And finaly they witnessed the team demonstration of Prosper company and Prosper technical school, which obtain their warm applause; this also demonstrated our mission , to promote metal spinning techniche and prosper all mankind.

On next day in group discusion , all attendee gave free speeches in a warm and vivacious atmosphere and everybody felt that they learnt a lot .

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