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The Development Prospect Of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine

The Development Prospect of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine
First, from the mold to the field of spare parts manufacturing transformation
Mold market entry threshold is low, the quality of the sales staff is relatively low, the vast majority of private manufacturing enterprises began to cut into the mold market to solve the problem of enterprise survival. But the mold size and strength of small enterprises, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine and the payment price is more sensitive, one-time order of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine, the amount of low, and the general lack of adequate funding budget; and spare parts manufacturing Customers are different, the one-time purchase of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine is relatively large, the amount of large enough funds to budget, and repeat the high probability of purchase, lock the market to develop high-end lock demand increased year by year, private enterprises once successful , Will provide sufficient space for their own development.
Mold users and spare parts users between the significant differences also reflected in the after-sales service, due to die users of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine use environment is bad, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine long in the ultra-consistent operation, and the user itself is necessary Of the NC metal automatic cutting machine maintenance and maintenance conditions, including the corresponding technology, facilities and personnel, resulting in Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine failure high incidence of the use of the process constantly, the enterprise exhausted, and users complained; and spare parts Users are relatively much better, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine environment is relatively friendly, the operation has strict procedures, the equipment sector will regularly arrange maintenance. If the author visited Zhejiang, a spare parts users found that Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine used for several years in terms of accuracy and stability has been good, the customer service department is almost rarely received the user's maintenance of the phone.
Therefore, the private Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine enterprises in the mold market to gain a firm foothold to solve the survival of the enterprise, it should quickly change the field of spare parts manufacturing.
Second, break the delivery and production constraints
Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine long delivery, as many CNC enterprises to further expand the "door" one, such as a gantry normal delivery will take 2-6 months time. In the peak season, due to the normal delivery can not result in the loss of a single phenomenon is more serious, such as Liu Feizhou teacher service Quanzhou Jiatai NC, only January to April this year compared with the same period last year increased by more than 300% due to capacity constraints, during the expected Less sales income of 25 million yuan, the market frontline staff will be reminders of the phone are almost off the hook.
In order to fundamentally break through the delivery and production constraints, qualified enterprises should build the industrial chain and technology chain, the expansion of production base, mature large models appropriate stocking, training and stability of a skilled technical workers and other initiatives To drive the development of enterprises by leaps and bounds. The same time as
Third, the stability of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine quality, opportunistic to deepen or broaden the product line
As a result of technical, management and funding and other factors, the current private enterprises in China Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine in the stability and service, and large state-owned enterprises and multinational companies compared to a certain gap, so that some powerful users On the purchase of private enterprises to create Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine concerns. Therefore, if the private sector for a number of specific sub-sectors introduced several practical, mature models, this mature model once the user recognition, the market opens, the development of the enterprise can basically stabilize; and mature machine Type through the standardization, will help Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine batch production, breaking capacity bottlenecks. On this basis, and then in the depth of the product line with the customer's personality needs to introduce new models with differentiated value, or opportunistic into other industries, to expand the Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine product line, the development of a higher technology Content of the high-end Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine. So steadily, and gradually accumulate the market advantage of enterprises, as China's Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine manufacturing mainstream manufacturers will no longer be far away from the dream.

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