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Spinning Machine Control Programming

Spinning machine control program at home and abroad, there are two main ways to write a write by hand, namely in the CAD rationally according to the material deformation degree, in turn, draw materials deformation curve, and then in the CAD manual measuring the position coordinates, the last step to calculate the X, Z position, finally write identifiable G code CNC system, CNC system by manually input. The downside of this approach is the number of man-made wrong operation, a processing program dozens of hundreds of lines Very easy to get wrong, once appear mistake light person equipment can't run, may cause serious damage of equipment. Additional programming for a long time, the development of a new software debugging time may need only a day or two, or even longer. At the same time, the programmer must also learn to operate equipment, and mastering the G language skills requirements for personnel is very high. But as a result of this method does not need to specially developed software, so basically all other domestic spinning factory all use this way to code.

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