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PROSPER To Participate In The 2017 Indian International (cutting) Machine Tool And Tool Exhibition IMTEX Onslaught

As the company's products and increasing the pace of internationalization of market, PROSPER company in 2017 the first exhibition will be attending the 2017 Indian international (cutting) machine tool and tool exhibition IMTEX kicked off, this exhibition, PROSPER company will display the best-selling main models - PS - CNCSXY360 CNC spinning machine and configure manipulator, to provide customers a complete solution to automation technology.

India international machine tool exhibition (IMTEX&TOOLTECH) is by the Indian machine tool manufacturers' association (IMTMA) sponsored by the large international professional exhibition, has a history of more than 40 years. The exhibition is the largest in South Asia and southeast Asia machine tool is one of the professional exhibition. India in recent years, due to the machine tool market demand is huge, India machine tool association decided to begin from 2009 to the exhibition is divided into METAL CUTTING machine tool and tool (IMTEX - METAL CUTTING & TOOLTECH) and FORMING technology and tools (IMTEX - FORMING & TOOLTECH) two themes, the exhibition by the original three years instead of every year, one of two themes on display next year alone, odd years theme of METAL CUTTING machine tools and tool, even in the theme of FORMING machine and tools.

At present, India is the world's one of the fastest growing economy, is also one of the important industrial countries around the world. Especially after the world financial crisis, India as a key member of the brics countries of the economic development, is the second fast economic growth in world economic development. The Indian government actively encourage car, defence, aerospace, railway, and the development of durable consumer goods industry, and rapidly growing demand for machine tools and related machinery and equipment. India is now the machine tool's seventh largest consumer, 77% dependence on imported machine tools.

Exhibition name:

India 2017 international exhibition of machine tools (cutting) and tools IMTEX

Show time:

January 26 - February 1, 2017

The organizer:

Indian machine tool manufacturers association

The exhibition location:

Bangalore, India, international exhibition center hall 7 A132 booths


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