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PROSPER Spinning Machine Military Liner / Fairing Molding Case

Military medicine cover / fairing spinning

Material type: oxygen free copper

Blank thickness: 2-5.0mm

Product diameter: 60-120mm

Product height: 100mm

Grain requirements: uniform small

Product use: Missile accessories

Solution At present, the main process is machining after forging. The utilization of the material can only reach 3%, a large number of valuable materials are turned into iron filings, and destroy the flow of the metal itself. By using the powerful spinning technology, the material of the parts after spinning can be refined, and the strength and anti fatigue performance can be improved, so that the wall thickness of the component is reduced, and the reliability of the components is greatly improved. The PS-CNCSXY600 double spin double wheel spinning machine has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and military standard!



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