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Office Add: YIFA industry zone, Pingtan, Huiyang, Huizhou,Guangdong, China.

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PROSPER Company Specializes In CNC Spinning Proofing, Spinning Processing

PROSPER company specializes in CNC spinning, spinning metal spinning, stainless steel. The company has metal forming technology and mature advanced CNC spinning equipment, not only the independent production of spinning equipment, but also for the majority of customers proofing, pre process testing, processing, manufacturing the spinning quality products for many manufacturers at home and abroad. The diameter of the spinning parts can be processed in 0.05-1m, the thickness of the material is 0.8-3mm, 0.6-4mm, 0.5-6mm. All kinds of products of the rich experience of the project, has been the production of the products are three catalytic converters, venturi tube, shield, aluminum barrel, funnel, signal transmitter, signal receiver cover, fan outlet, lamps, liner, monitor cover, industry leading technology.



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