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Homogenization Of CNC Cutting Machine To Face Serious

CNC cutting machine started late in China, but demand for machinery and raw materials processing and other related industries support, industry as a whole is developing fast, scale is also growing. But for now, many enterprise strength improved, is still at the extensive mode of operation. Due to excessive competition, product homogenization of serious, resulting in profit margins narrow, has forced many businesses are tied to development. CNC cutting machine production enterprises and how to deal with such a situation?

From the application of trade and enterprise, CNC cutting machine key scope of development in the following areas:

1, high-speed, precision CNC lathes, turning centers and more than four shafts linkage combined machine tool. Cater mostly to aerospace, aviation, instruments, meters, electronic information and bio-engineering industry needs.

2, high speed and high precision CNC milling and boring machine and high-speed, high-precision horizontal machining center. Mainly to meet the car engine cylinder block and high-tech industries such as aerospace, large, complex structural support, shell, light boxes, metal parts and precision machining needs.

3, heavy, super heavy NC machine tool categories:, heavy duty CNC boring and milling CNC double column boring and milling machine, heavy-duty CNC and gantry machining center horizontal lathes and vertical lathes, CNC heavy duty gear hobbing machine, such products meet the ship hosts energy, aerospace, military, manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large-scale mold processing industries such as, steam turbine cylinder machining needs.

4, CNC grinding machine type: Ultra-precision grinding machines, high speed and high precision CNC crankshaft grinding machines and special purpose grinder for camshaft grinding machine, all kinds of high-precision high-speed, meet the needs of precision and ultra-precision machining.

5, CNC electric processing machine tool categories: large precision CNC machine tools, CNC low speed wire cutting EDM machine tool, precision small hole EDM machine tool and other, mainly to meet the large and precision mold machining, precision parts, tapers or irregular holes machining and special needs of aerospace, aviation and other industries.

6, CNC metal forming machine tools (equipment): precision sheet metal CNC high speed machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machines for power spinning, cater mostly to automobiles, motorcycles, electronic information industry and home appliances industries sheet metal volume production needs and automobile wheels and military industry a variety of thin-walled, high-strength, high-accuracy Rotary parts processing needs.

7, NC special machine and production line: flexible automatic production line of FMS/FMC) and a variety of special CNC machine tool, this line is for cars, home appliances and other industries machining cylinder block and cylinder head, gearbox and many varieties of the same batch shell, box parts processing needs.

However, in recent years increasingly warming trend in the development of the domestic machine, summarizing its reasons, but there are two points:

1, the country's tax policies. April 13, 2010, the finance and the General Administration of customs, the State administration of taxation issued a circular on August 20, 2009, the Ministry of finance, the State development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of General Administration of customs, the State administration of taxation, national energy administration jointly issued a Declaration on the adjustment of major technical equipment equipment attached to the provisional regulations on import taxation policy for directory list to be adjusted again. April 25, 2010, to domestic enterprises for the production of the country to support the development of major technologies and equipment and products is necessary for imports of key spare parts and raw materials shall be exempted from import tariffs and import value-added tax. Including 12 kinds of CNC machine tools, CNC devices and the 7 feature list of duty-free imports of key spare parts, raw materials, also announced a duty-free metalworking machine tools directory.

2, the national policy of encouraging. In recent years, Western CNC cutting machine market granting policies and material on the slopes. By Midwest area foreign investment advantage industry directory and recently released of on in-depth implementation West big development strategy about tax policy problem of notification are can see, national policy of support foster has gradually cover has including Sichuan, and Guizhou, and Yunnan, and Shaanxi, and Gansu, and Qinghai, and Ningxia, and Xinjiang, and Tibet, province (autonomous regions, and municipalities) of whole West area, for intends to expand West market of NC cutting machine manufacturers solution has many worries.

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