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High Precision Spinning Equipment Receiver / Shield

Signal emitter / receiver / shield

Material type: Aluminum

Blank thickness: 1.5mm

Product diameter: 300mm

Product height: 90mm

Diameter accuracy: 0.3mm

Curve accuracy: 0.5mm

problem analysis

1, diameter accuracy requirements of 0.3mm, the need for strong spin control accuracy, but the strong spiral will cause the local rebound rebound.

2, the product is a function curve, the maximum error of the overall curve error can not exceed 0.5mm.


1, according to the product contour curve, with a laser cutting stainless steel plate as a product test sample gauge.

2, after the sample is measured with a measuring tool to compare the local error is to determine the local factors that are not attached to the mold, or the spinning gap is too tight to cause errors.


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