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High Performance Vertical Flanging &bell-mouth Machine

High performance vertical flanging &bell-mouth machine 

This series machine is specially design for the ventilation industry. The machine is suitable for processing of the components for ventilation, modular chimneys, bell mouth, flanging, beading, marking of several pieces.

Prosper build machines specifically designed for every specific application that our customer needs. All of prosper machines are built after a deep analysis of the customer’s needs making possible to incorporate all the features and accessories required for every specific work. Prosper machines have a superior performance compared to ordinary plate metal spinning/flow forming machines.

This machine has introduced the user friendly advanced numerical program-control technology, which enables one person to control several machines at one time. It has largely reduced the cost of production and improved the efficiency and effectiveness, which is the best option for mass production of high quality production.

Equipped with the practical programming software package: Tool path editing software ( MASTCAM); 

Drawing software for mould and tool path (AUTOCAD) Spinning path simulation software(CIMCOEdit4), PROSPER G code converter(PROSPER SPINCAD) . AdvancedCAM programs for your bell mouth production. We will provide free software upgrades for all above software.  Free training for all new development software.

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