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CNC Metal Spinning Machine PS-CNCXY250

automatic machine for metal spinning --High performance CNC metal Spinning Machine PS-CNCXY250 introduction

   PS-CNCXY250 Spinning machine is stable flexible, user friendly and efficient. This series of machine has resolved the problems and limitations that exist in the traditional manufacturing method including the intense work required for manual operation, inconsistency in product, low efficiency in production and the backwardness of the production technology.

  CNC metal spinning machine basic Configuration

       Dual-tool holder

       2+2 tools positions (tool turret)

       Spherical guide

       Circle centering device

       Hydraulic pressure station

       Roll support with compensation

       Product ejector

      Manipulator (Optional)

    Siemens CNC system Second-developed by prosper 

Machinery material  Informations

Blank Diameter:5-1400mm.

Sheet Thickness Approx

       Aluminum/Copper: 0.3-2.0 mm

       Iron/Steel: 0.6-1.5 mm

       Stainless steel: 0.6-1.0 mm

Other Specifications

       Circle Diameter:  Max 250 mm

       Center distance:  500mm

       X axis path: 450mm

       Z axis path: 250mm

       X axis full feed rate: 12.5m/min

       Z axis full feed rate: 12.5m/min

       Spindle speed: 50-4000 rpm

       Main spindle power: 3.7kw

       Tailstock Path: 300 mm








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