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China Made Hundred-ton NC Cracking Batumi Of Power Spinning Technique Blocked

After the end of World War II, in order to limit exports of strategic goods to socialist countries in Western developed countries and high-tech, United States founded in 1949 by the export control Commission, headquartered in Paris, is also known as "COCOM". Embargo list includes three types: list list list of the International Atomic Energy Agency, international military, industrial and large CNC equipments for power spinning on list of industrial areas. On one hand, Western Nations imposed an embargo on the other, strategic goods and technology is urgently needed in China. Address the scarce and much-needed heavy equipment has become a pressing problem in front of national defense science and technology industry.

The early 60 's, AVIC Beijing Institute of aviation engineering was the first in the country to carry out spinning technology and equipment research. Nearly 50 years developed dozens of spinning equipment, the development of spinning machine more than 50 kinds of for China's aviation, aerospace, weapons and other defense areas and has made an outstanding contribution to the development in other areas of the national economy, but also accumulated a wealth of experience. But domestic development needs of the equipment and technologies put forward higher requirements. But on the other hand, foreign spinning machines are expensive, spinning equipment prices abroad is the equal performance of several times. What is more, separate hardware, software, billing software fees often exceed the cost of the device itself even when I have not purchased software, also want to invest a great deal of manpower and material resources to carry out secondary development. In addition, replacement, repair parts and components are also subject to the people.

In order to ease the embarrassment of the situation, as soon as possible to build large power spinning equipment, back in 2001, XI ' an aerospace propulsion machinery factory started the development of large CNC machine for power spinning project. In early 2004, the official with AVIC Beijing Institute of aviation engineering machine's development contract was signed.

Power spinning technology and equipment, not only in aviation engines, aerospace vehicles, marine shell parts manufacturing has a wide range of applications, car alloy wheels and other civilian areas of pressure vessel manufacture with high promotional value. Meanwhile, to form represented by the spinning forming technology of metal forming technology and PEEN forming, hot forming and superplastic forming technology and equipment in the fields of aerospace and other applications. AVIC Beijing Institute of aviation engineering in plastic processing, welding, digital manufacturing, flexible Assembly, mechanical, surface engineering, CNC machining, special processing, special-purpose equipment manufacturing and other areas of expertise, and aerospace enterprises to carry out more extensive cooperation.

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