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Automatic Spinning Machines Take You To See The 11 Core Advantages

In general the ' lightweight automatic spinning machines (including conventional spinning machine and power spinning machine) have similar general lathe structure characteristics and advantages. However, ' in order to meet the requirements of the aforementioned spinning ' for a large spinning machine ' particularly large and powerful automatic spinning machines ' typically have the following features 11 core advantages.

1. automatic spinning machine bed, main shaft and transmission system, spinning wheel, tail and other parts shall have sufficient rigidity ' also has a more heavy and large rail, bearing bracket and wall hypertrophy in box.

2. transverse and longitudinal feed mechanism of the roller frame with hydraulic drive, or mechanical and hydraulic compound drive ' to produce enough spinning force ' and stepless speed regulation of balance can ' meet the technological requirements.

3. the more common automatic spinning machines with a rotary wheel ' but secondary to shape round (such as flanging, curling-wheel) or more. Strong automatically spin pressure machine of spin round or spin round frame number more used 2 to 3 a (General type of for 2 a ' tube shaped pieces spin pressure machine more for 2 to 3 a) ' and relative spindle axis into symmetric configuration ' to balance spin pressure Shi of diameter force ' reduced spindle, and core die of bent deflection, and partial pendulum and vibration ' for improve spin pressure pieces of precision provides prerequisites. This will require the roller has a high lateral (such as dedicated spinning machines of cylinders) or vertically (such as general purpose automatic spinning machines) to synchronize feed precision. But ' light powerful automatic spinning machines use a spinning wheel.

4. the spindle has plenty of driving torque and power. Depending on the specific technological requirements ' to meet constant torque and constant power regulation. In addition, ' best spindle speed and spinning wheels the longitudinal feed speed: stepless speed control ' can meet any requirements of the spinning process; in spinning process can be realized on the other hand keep surface of the mandrel rotation speed and the possibility of feed per revolution for the same amount.

5. use heavy duty rolling bearings ' to endure due to spin in the spinning wheel and cylinder to produce a larger work force ' and good cooling and lubrication of the spindle and bearings. Spinning in the heating ' with spindles, spinning wheels the head and tail parts of the top set of direct heat, such as forced cooling and thermal insulation.

6. tailstock cylinder pushing block should generate enough force ' to ensure the work clamp stock ' but also helps to raise the spindle rotation stiffness of the part.

7. the roller infeed of multiple digital control of electro-hydraulic servo system using ' is mainly used for processing arbitrary axisymmetric body in the shape of hollow parts.

8. the use of semi-automatic or fully automatic working cycle. Semi automatic spinning machines ' addition to the loading and unloading of the workpiece, ' all sports by the end of the switch block control ' automate the entire working cycle. Automatic spinning machines ' workpiece loading and unloading work cycle goes ' continuous rhythmically.

9. automatic spinning machines for heavy regulation of the relative position of the various components of mobile ' for example hydraulic locking mechanism ' that ' can not only improve the mechanization and automation program, and make working reliability and reduce labor intensity.

10. for conventional spinning and shaped pieces of power spinning ' requirements spin wheel to corner----angle adjustment ' to facilitate the metallic trend or flow per unit of time-invariant ' stable spinning process and improving workpieces quality and compact.

Bai Rui automatic spinning machines

11. on the device ' in addition to the main process equipment ', usually with a variety of auxiliary equipment ' rough clamping device and finished products discharging device, mandrels and billet heater, mandrel for turning, grinding and polishing equipment. Clearance adjustment of the roller and core mould and measurements display devices ' size and quality inspection equipment, as well as parts of the flat, rolled and edge cutting, flanging, hemming device. Large modern spinning machine and sometimes also to set up a closed-circuit TV surveillance devices.

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