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Automatic Spinning Machines Still Need A Lot Of Equipment And Devices

Spinning technology is driven by the main shaft equipment forming mandrels and rough spin by fixed roller axial and radial feeding, mandrel and roller squeeze-blank local deformation of continuous plastic forming process. Spin forming technology is turning processing and combination of plastic molding processing, set the advantages of both to have the materials forming and high efficiency, fast, good surface quality, high precision, product variety and so on. Therefore, not only in aviation, aerospace, weapons and other metal precision machining technology plays an important role in the field, and in the petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, electronics and light industries and other fields were also widely used.

Automatic spinning machines are mainly of metal spinning equipment, in order to facilitate smooth holding of the metal spinning, still need a lot of equipment and devices, such as smelting furnaces, casting devices, turning machine, heat treatment furnaces, fixture, plastic and so on. Main production of automatic spinning machines of foreign countries have United States and Germany. Germany spinning in the civilian industry earlier than the United States, the early manufacture of automatic spinning machines for medium and small in recent years has also created automatic spinning machines. Automatic spinning machines from two kinds of structure can be divided into horizontal and vertical, horizontal spinning machines at the State's rigid, covers an area of small, due to the vertical center of gravity coincides with the spindle center line of the workpiece, so products with high precision, and mandrel and workpiece are easy to load and unload, and can be installed on the production line.

In the early development of spinning equipment spinning technology in China compared with foreign advanced level, both in the product range, precision, automatic spinning machines and automation aspects, or theoretical aspects in technology there are some gaps. But many workers are committed to the work of science and technology, has made great progress in nearly 20 years, many product accuracy and performance are approaching or have reached international advanced level. A small number of colleges and universities, such as Harbin Polytechnical University, Beihang University, Northwestern University, as well as a strength of the Institute has been working on CNC automatic spinning machines, and engage in theoretical discussion and development of new technology.

Bai Rui automatic spinning machines

Automatic spinning machines in the application of numerical control technology can be said to some extent, can receive the following effects, that is, reduced preparation time and processing time, able to adapt to changes in process conditions, increase repeat accuracy and to prevent accidents before they occur, etc. However certain aspects of some new kind of hydraulic profile modeling automatic spinning machines are fully met. In addition no matter what kind of NC spinning machine control mode, spinning wheels pass the determined and lost in large part depends on the operator's skill. Automatic NC programming technology will be an important issue in the future, should be done only in a certain routine job components enter the shape, size and shape of the roller can determine and enter the roller passes and can rotate out qualified products.

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