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Automatic Spinning Machines History Is Short, But Faster Than The Long History Of Agricultural Machinery Products

Construction machinery history is short, but rapid development in the long history of agricultural products. Compared with the hosts, based on industry development lagged. Machine tools, instrumentation, engine, automatic spinning machines an essential foundation for infrastructure upgrades for the host level gap with international powers. Even within each industry, development is not balanced, for example, power generation equipment manufacturing industry, conventional power generating equipment is quite strong, but new energy equipment such as gas turbines, pumped-storage power plant compared with gap. In addition, compared with equipment, insulation materials, magnetic materials, power electronics, low-voltage electrical appliances, such as development is still lagging behind. Is the automatic spinning equipment structure in China: the host product development faster than a product, host products, power generation and power transmission equipment for the electric power equipment is also significantly faster than the representatives of metallurgical mines and petroleum and petrochemical equipment.

From the perspective of current industry trends, Automatic rotary compressor equipment decline because demand is sluggish for nearly two years, excess capacity, but this is only the surface; a deeper, more essential reason is China's economic development has been undergoing profound changes, but the industry failed to change. Cai Weici reminds industry, must fully understand the changing market environment, from big to strong. Shortage economy environment brings a typical "seller's market". In the "sellers ' market", the contradiction is solved in the market "with and without" problem, as a "supply-side" mechanical enterprise there is not a large enough production and supply capacity; and the demand-side is often as "needy", unable to care for the product quality and performance.

In the 1980 of the 20th century to the beginning of this century, automatic spinning machines equipment and technology at home and abroad have become a mature modern era. With a new technological revolution, levels of comprehensive technology for construction machinery products leapt to a new level. Electronic technology, microcomputer, sensors, electro-hydraulic servo control systems integrated the traditional construction machinery products, computer-aided design, manufacturing and support equipment management of construction machinery manufacturing, IT equipment sales of construction machinery network technology and information delivery system, which allows people to see a new set of construction machinery industry. New construction machinery products in productivity, quality, environmental protection, operational performance and the degree of automation is unparalleled in the past, and towards more intelligent and robotic direction.

Bai Rui automatic spinning machines

Compared with the electrotechnical industry, metallurgical and mining equipment, less oil drilling and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry. Despite the relatively short history of spinning equipment industry, but is developing rapidly, is one of the list of listed companies. Representative products in the industry for all-terrain cranes, hydraulic excavators, loaders, forklifts, concrete machinery, such as whether it is product level, modernization of production, production conditions, is the degree of internationalization, has considerably reduced the gap with the world and have given rise to awareness and prevention of international counterparts. But the weaknesses are upstream and downstream industry chain is weak, it is difficult to provide strong support to the development of the host. Compared with the hosting industry, machine tools, instrumentation, internal combustion engines, components and other basic industries and world power gap is much greater.

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