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Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine How To Better Protect The EDM Machine

Adjust the verticality of the spindle, check the automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine the switch button and function is normal. Check whether the oil is sufficient, the pipeline is blocked, for the use of flammable type of working fluid, the use of attention to fire. Tool electrode clamping and calibration must ensure that the tool electrode feed processing direction perpendicular to the table plane. So that the production of civilization, processing operations after the end of the need to clean the workplace, wipe clean machine tools, and intercept the system power to leave.
1. Check the electrical cabinet within the strong, the servo unit, the spindle unit is dust, there are in the case of power with a brush or vacuum cleaner to clear. Put the Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine machine mat mat, the machine wipes clean and adjusts the level. Thickness greater than 50mm thick steel plate generally used flame cutting, also known as oxygen cutting.
2. Check the spindle fan to check whether the rotation, whether there is debris, there are clear, so as not to affect the spindle operation. Press the automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine rated power, install the appropriate power supply; and install the regulator with Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine ground.
3. Check the electrical cabinet as well as the electrical cabinet into and out of the line whether there is dust, there is rubbed.
4. Wipe the appearance of the machine, such as the control panel; system monitor.
5. Check to check whether the relay action on the strong power board is normal, discharge capacitor, discharge resistance is normal, if necessary, replace.
First, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine
According to the processing requirements of the choice of liquid, pumping way, and fair set of working fluid pressure, strict control of the working fluid height. Do not recognize the machine before the operation, do not mind the bed, so as to avoid security incidents. It is necessary to have sufficient pulse discharge energy to ensure that the voltage pulse waveform outputted on the workpiece and the tool supply on the tool electrode is unidirectional to ensure that the metal parts of the discharge are melted or gasified, and the discharge must be in a certain insulation Function of the liquid medium.
Second, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine
CNC Spinning Machine CNC Spinning Machine is a kind of cutting equipment that uses metal gas or gas with oxygen for metal cutting. Pay attention to check the discharge gap before processing, that must be connected to the different polarity of the tool and the workpiece to maintain a certain interval between the formation of discharge gap, usually 0.01 ~ 0.1mm or so. Pay attention to check the working fluid system filter filter, if the plug when the timely replacement, to ensure that the working fluid can automatically maintain a certain degree of cleanliness, in accordance with the working fluid life on schedule replacement.
Precautions: Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine Machine operator must be through regular training and qualified staff, Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine Machine control staff When using the machine, be sure to read the CNC CNC machine. The content can be manipulated Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine machine. To the Automatic Hydraulic Metal Spinning Machine hydraulic tank, lubricating oil tank, rail filling the corresponding label and the amount of oil, to the Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine cooling box plus a good working fluid.
The cut width of the arc cutting is 1.5 to 2 times wider than that of the oxygen-acetylene cut. As the thickness increases, the width of the incision increases. For stainless steel or aluminum with a thickness of 25mm or less, it is possible to cut out small edges and corners without cutting Can be directly welded, which is high current Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine difficult to get. Conventionally, there is a melting layer of about 0.25 to 3.80 mm thick on the surface of the plasma arc, but the chemical composition of the incision surface does not change.

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