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Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine Cutting All Kinds Of Materials Should Pay Attention To What

Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine cutting all kinds of materials should pay attention to what
Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine is becoming more and more common, it can cut a variety of materials of the workpiece, more common are stainless steel, aluminum and other heavy metals. Although the machine work ability, cutting a large amount, but because of the material of each material are different, so we should be more attention when cutting, together to see the face of different parts of the material, we should pay attention to what.
Stainless steel is a more widely used, almost all areas can be seen, but in some special industries, such as the medical industry, the accuracy of the product requirements are very high, because the medical industry is basically processing some of the stainless steel sheet. And Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine to achieve the best cutting effect, the 0.5mm thick 304 stainless steel cutting speed can reach 20mm / min, if the use of 40w HM laser and auxiliary gas can reach 1.5M / min
 Cutting aluminum material, it should be noted that, because the plasticity of aluminum is better, lighter materials, so the application of the industry is more. However, due to the characteristics of aluminum and other materials, the absorption of CNC is relatively high, so the use of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine cutting aluminum is relatively difficult, generally cut 2mm aluminum material can, but the speed is relatively slow. At this time should not blindly ask for fast, but in accordance with the characteristics of the material itself to cut.
Highly light metal material is also a special kind, common, including copper, brass, silver, and gold, etc., these materials have excellent conductivity and high reflection line, is a more difficult to cut the material, the general Cutting 1-2mm thick is still possible, but the consumption of the lens will be relatively large.
 Metal titanium is a relatively common material, although rare, but in engineering applications is still more, this kind of material is easier to cut, but in the cutting process to pay attention to ensure that the cutting edge from oxidation to ensure the quality of trimming.
Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine in the cutting of metal materials need to add auxiliary gas, this is because: the auxiliary gas and metal materials to produce a chemical reaction to increase its ability to help the equipment from the cutting area blown away slag to keep the cutting of the clean; Cooling the adjacent area of the cut, reducing the size of the heat affected zone; protecting the focusing lens to prevent the burning product from staining the optical lens.
There are many friends told me in the use of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine when the occasional lift regulator failure problems, but do not know what causes, do not know how to solve, the following Xiaobian to analyze the main problems under the fault And the solution.
Symptom: pull the NC metal automatic cutting machine lift regulator, the machine suddenly stop power. Failure causes and exclusions:
Through the maintenance also found that when the lift regulator adjust the flame gun, if the ignition of the high-voltage input arc pin loose, causing high-pressure arc and the machine between the short circuit or the insulation strength is not enough, the ignition will make the drive system port Damage, resulting in this failure occurred. This phenomenon should be absolutely avoid, debugging, maintenance, careful examination. Check the line insulation resistance, 1000v megger is greater than 300 megohms.
Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine lift regulator control template SG failure. Replace another piece of control template.
Symptom: the regulator can only rise or can only drop the cause and troubleshooting:
The lift regulator controls the badness of the stencil slot. Because the use of high temperature dust in the industrial environment, likely to cause static electricity between the original electronic short circuit. Therefore, regular soot cleaning, keeping the template clean is necessary.
Lifting mechanism screw bolt wear, due to frequent action, but also the lack of regular oil, screw wire was polished, resulting in screw rotation can not drive the flame gun to move. Remove the bolts and replace them.
The internal contact of the lift regulator switch is damaged. The reason is due to the long time the adjuster is used to adjust the distance between the flame gun and the steel plate. Re-replace it.

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