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Analysis Of Low Speed Machining Of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine

Analysis of Low Speed Machining of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine
    Under normal circumstances, the use of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine processing efficiency and speed is significantly higher than other thermal cutting methods, but the plasma cutting process itself, for different shapes of cutting graphics in the early relevant compilation processing needs The appropriate to do slow down processing, in particular, into the arc cutting stage need to maintain the NC metal automatic cutting machine in the low-speed state to ensure smooth and no deformation of the cutting track. In the thermal cutting mode, the plasma cutting speed is significantly higher than the flame cutting, which also makes the plasma cutting method for more businesses and users favorite, but compared to the flame cutting years of experience and mature technology, the plasma cutting machine For most users also slightly unfamiliar, especially in the speed of plasma cutting grasp also limited understanding.
    In general, CAutomatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine at the factory, the consumer manufacturers will only provide a speed range, detailed for different materials, different thickness of the data to be cut, the user in the choice of cutting speed is also a comprehensive multi-faceted elements:
    1. Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine model, this model is generally the size of the plasma cutting machine output current, such as 40A, 60A, 100A, 200A, etc. (of course, some imported plasma such as the German Kelbe, the United States and other brands of local aircraft Type is not the output current size for the model, here is not elaborate), depending on the size of the power of different models, select the cutting current size is different, cutting speed is not the same, you give the above data did not clarify your election What brand and model of the plasma cutting machine, it can not give detailed data;
    2. Cutting the workpiece material is different, depending on the cutting material, cutting speed is also different, common cutting information: carbon steel, stainless steel cutting faster, slightly slower cast iron, followed by aluminum, the slowest is copper, Aluminum is difficult to cut, the cutting speed is much slower than the previous two, and the same power plasma cutting copper and aluminum cutting thickness than stainless steel, carbon steel is much smaller.
  The use of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine involves the impact of pollution on the environment, including the main sources of pollution, including cutting metal dust, plasma arc light pollution, fan noise formation and so on. From the use of Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine conditions, the above factors are accompanied by the formation of simultaneous cutting process, it is difficult to completely put an end to the pollution caused by the environment, but by some controllable factors to reduce the impact of the source of pollution is still feasible The , Below we mainly on the use of CAutomatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine equipment and environmental protection issues to be introduced.
    Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine when the use of harmful factors are mainly harmful gases, metal smoke, noise, arc (infrared) radiation, high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Risk factors are mainly electric shocks. Therefore, the plasma arc cutting process must pay great attention to safety and protection work.
    1. Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine electric shock protection
 Plasma arc cutting power supply voltage is high, especially in the manual operation, there will be shock hazard. Therefore, the power supply must be used to ensure a good grounding, torch and hand touch part must be reliable insulation. You can use a lower voltage to ignite the non-transfer arc and then turn on the higher voltage of the transfer arc loop. If the opening switch is mounted on the handle, the exposed switch must be fitted with an insulating rubber sleeve to avoid direct contact with the switch. Please use automatic operation wherever possible.
    2. Automatic CNC Metal Spinning Machine arc radiation protection
 Arc radiation intensity, mainly infrared radiation and visible radiation. The plasma arc is stronger than the intensity of the optical radiation of other arcs, especially ultraviolet rays, which are serious for skin damage. Manual cutting, the operator must bring a good mask, gloves, neck should also be protected. In addition to the black eyepiece on the mask, it is best to add UV absorption of the lens. In automatic operation, a protective screen can be set in the operator and operating area. Plasma arc cutting, can be used in water cutting method, the use of water to absorb light radiation.

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