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2017sell Fan Spinning Machine Main Features

cnc Metal spinning machine  main features
1.Best solution for small to medium diameter/thickness products
2.Excellent cost effective economical and practical
3.High stablility and efficiency
4.reduce both material and human labor cost
5.High rate retur
6. Save both material and labor


Machine basic specification:

1.High strength cast machine body
2.Spinning tools(turret and rollers)
3.Heave duty guide and ball-screw
4.High torque/high speed spindle
5.Tools compensation device
6.Material centering device
7.Digital intergrated hudraulic system
8.Digital intergrated lubrication system

9.Optional BE units

10. Optional BA units

11. Optional manipulator


machine for spinning - Prosper High-speed/high-precision series CNC metal spinning machine  technical data :

(Para)             (Spec.)PS-CNCXY200PS-CNCXY250PS-CNCXY350PS-CNCXY400
Max.Blank DIA(mm)200250350400
Max.DIA over slide(mm)110150200200
Center height(mm)110150200200
Center distance(mm)N/A350500400
Main spindle power(KW)3.7servo/inventer3.7 servo/inventer5.5 servo/inventer7.5 servo/inventer
Main spindle RPM(rpm)10-400010-400010-300010-3000
TravelX-axis travelDIA200DIA800DIA350DIA420
Z-axis travel320380380500
Tailstock force(KN)8101010
Tailstock Travel(mm)30300300300
 Hold plate Travel(mm)200300300300
Positioning accuracy0.
Hydraulic power1.
Tool position(EA)42+266
Material thickness(mm)Copper/Aluminum0.5-1.5mm0.5-2mm0.5-2.2mm0.5-2.5mm
Stainless steel0.5-0.6mm0.5-0.6mm0.5-0.8mm0.5-1.2mm



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