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2017 Cnc Threading Lathes Machine Metal Spinning Machine PS-CNCSXY800

cnc machining centre PS-VMC600A cnc machining cenytre Features And Applications:

This machine is produced with the cooperation of professional company of Taiwan; the screw mandrel, guideway and bearing are famous-brand foreign products. The bearing is imported from Germany (TMT), and characterized by high precision, high speed and torque force. It is the best option for high speed operating. The control system uses M65SM DATA serve (Mitsubishi), 64bit CPU and advanced network transfer procedures, which is shortcut and safety.

This machine is equip with special waterfall filter device, and suitable for precise mould operating, especially for graphite operating, cooper and watch parts.

High Torque/high Speed Spindle  

 It is made by Germany (IMT), and equiped with the high speed tool bit HSKE40 (Germany), controller 65SM (Mitsubishi), high speed/precision module and Ethernet interface. It can guarantee the operating precision and surface smoothness even if in 6000mm/min of the feed speed.

The characteristic of the high graphite operation cnc machining  centre

1.      High speed, high precision and high strength, suitable for igh carve operation and light load milling operation.

2.      Use high precision ball screw and ball guideway.

3.      Use Meehanite cast iron, high rigid.

4.      Suitable for various kinds of facing operation and solid carve operation of metal mould and non-metal mould.

5.      High speed, high compatible, high efficiency, and equiped with water graphite filter device, suitable for precise mould operating, especially for graphite operating, hand paddle production, cooper and watch parts.

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