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The multirollers CNC powerful spinning machine

The multi-rollers CNC powerful spinning machine is a CNC metal spinning machine specially developed for the requirements of strong thinning and spinning of pipe type parts and shear spinning production. The utility model has the functions of being practical, professional and has high production efficiency. It can complete batch production and trial production of barrel type, through tube type, cone type, warhead type and other series products, especially for tube wall thickness and thickness spinning, satisfying high High-stability spinning demand


IMG_7351 - 副本.JPG

Technical Data:

parallel feel flow formingmm10001800250050005000
REVERSE FEED FLOW FORMINGmm20004000500080008000
MAX.HORIZONTAL STROKE(3*X axis)mm180220260300300
MAX.X AXIS FORCEKn120*3200*3250*3300*3400*3
MAX.vertical TRAVEL(Z AXIS)mm36003600180050005000
MAX.X AXIS FORCEKn200300400500600
vMAX.X AXIS FORCEKw4075155315400

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