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CNC SPINNING MACHINE ISO9001: 2000 Automatic CNC/ Hand Sheet Metal Brake, Iron Bending Tools/ Concrete Machine / for Top Sale

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Structure:Horizontal

  • Spinning Strength:High Power Spinning

  • Pressure Supply Type:Atmospheric Pressure

  • Spinning Direction:Forward

  • Metal Material:Steel

  • Riveting Principle:Orbital Models (BM Series)

  • Spinning Deformation Condition:Hot Spinning

  • Spinning Belt Wheel Type:Combined Belt Wheel

  • Spinning Wheel Number:Double

  • Finished Product:Pipe

  • Finished Product Shape:Cylinder Shape

  • Enter Attribute Here (e.g.: Size):Enter Value Here (e.g.: 12 Inches)

  • Origin:China

Product Description

This bending machine is characterized by advanced design, easy operation process, safety and reliability as well as stable performance. It is able to crook round steels with a diameter of 32-42mm into various shapes required, cnc spinning machine and it can be utilized in bridges, tunnels and other giant construction projects.


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