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2017 hot sale spinning machine CNC metal spinning machine

hot sale spinning machine  CNC metal spinning machine

This model is widly used in lighting equipment,lick LED cover lampshade reflector parts,this model with the processing feature of conventional for metal flow forming and spinning.

  The machine is fully automatic with two electric turret  and advanced CNC control mode.

  The machine is suitable for processing of the aluminum alloy plate, copper plate, steel plate, stainless steel plate and many other materials.

  This series of machines are characterized by their highly efficient and cost effective benefits they can provide. The spinning process technology can produce various shapes of products.



Machine Basic Configurations


       Dual tool Turret


       4+4 tools positions


       Circle centering device


       Hydraulic pressure station


       Roll support with compensation


       Product ejector


       Manipulator (Optional)

Application feild

       Lighting equipment




       Chemical industry

       Aerospace industry

       Motor vehicles industry

       Kitchen Utensils

Machinry brief information

Blank diameter : 5-2000mm

Sheet Thickness Approx :

       Aluminum/copper: 0.6-5 mm

       Iron/steel: 0.6-4mm

       Stainless steel: 0.6-3mm


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